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About Sofia Films

Michael Najjar
Sofia Films is the brainchild of Michael Najjar. While building a successful entertainment business based on innovative restaurants and cutting edge night clubs, Mr. Najjar has always had an eye out to what's next on the entertainment horizon. With Sofia Films, he intends to bring his vision of originality, style and unique marketing to the film business. Even as a child growing up in Tunisia, Mr. Najjar has always had an unending love of film. His aim is for Sofia Films is to create and produce theatrical motion pictures of quality and resonance.

Albert Pyun
Albert Pyun, a 25 year veteran of the film industry, has produced and directed over 40 independent and studio feature films that have grossed over $227 million. Pyun is very proud of the long-term relationships he has established worldwide with outstanding film production personnel, including talent, line producers, editors, sound and production companies. He has produced and directed productions in locations as diverse as Scotland, Croatia, Slovakia, Namibia, Mostar, Mexico, Hong Kong, Italy, Zimbabwe, Canada and the Philippines. Within the United States, Pyun has produced and directed films in Utah, New Mexico, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, Atlanta, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and of course, California. [ More ].

Chris Davis
Chris Davis’s career spans over 30 years in foreign film sales. He is an expert in all aspects of international distribution and has been involved in the marketing and sales of over 100 feature films. Starting out with a background in accounting, Chris has worked for major players in international film distribution, including AVCO Embassy Pictures (UK office), Lorimar International, Trans World Entertainment, Imperial Entertainment, Franchise Pictures and Scanbox International. [ More ].

Gary Schmoeller
Raised in West Texas, Gary Schmoeller received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas. Attending UT on an athletic scholarship for Tennis he was a touring professional until his early thirties when he began a business career in the transportation industry. After a few years as a vice president and general manager he moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in feature films. Schmoeller is a veteran line producer with 30 films to his credit. He began his career as a production manager working with director Brian Yuzna on “Bride of Re-Animator”. He managed four films before he began working with the films from inception as a line producer and a co-producer. He has worked now for almost 20 years as a true “indie producer” with budgets from $750,000 to $6.5 million. He has worked both as a free lance producer and as a principal in a film production company. [ More ].


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